Are you a multi-passionate creative who feels like they can't stand out on Instagram (aka the ONE app you need to be on)?

What if there were a complete, step-by-step system to growing an authentic, profitable brand (i.e. scroll stopping feed) on Instagram WITHOUT crippling fear of not being enough, algorithm anxiety, or camera confusion designed by someone who’d personally grown a following of over 710k+…

... would you finally feel confident enough to show up on Instagram consistently to grow a beautiful feed AND business without "selling out"?

Want to make money doing what you love?


Beth Kirby


The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs


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Whether you've already got a "K" by your profile name as your own boss, or are still daydreaming of taking your creative passion full-time, the curated representation of your brand THUS your profitability depends on this question. 

If you're nodding your head and you know you're not getting the engagement, followers, and monetization that would let you reclaim your time and freedom as a creative...

Every day, more than 500 million people log into the world's second most popular social media app, where they're scrolling, connecting, and double-tapping. 

You love it. You hate it. I get it.

But deep down, you know it's true: If you're growing a blog, brand, or business, the 'gram is the most powerful way to reach your people.

Question is: Are your dream followers discovering and engaging with your feed?

Keep on reading!

BTW... Instagram is kinda my thing....

But first — tell me if this sounds familiar...

Morning light streams in through your window while tendrils of steam rise from your copper kettle as you brew the perfect pour-over into your favorite handmade, ceramic cup (okay, let’s be honest, reheating coffee in that hand-lettered mug that makes you grin *may* be more accurate most days). Before you know it, you've swiped open Instagram and are scrolling through your feed. 

Snaps and captions, captions and snaps. Beautiful destinations. Perfect couples. Perfect pies. Perfect homes and children. It feels like too much to compete with. 

Then, the daily mini-panic sets in.

( I still shudder when I think about that feeling.)

You've probably felt this dozens of times—maybe even a hundred.

But even so, it still makes you sweat and wish you could pull your linen duvet back over your eyes. 

What are you gonna post on Instagram today?

BLAH. you draw a total blank.

It's the worst, right? Thinking back to the days when I didn't have a plan, a file of hundreds of gorgeous photos, and landing place to direct my followers still makes me anxious.

I mean, I feel like for a creative, there's nothing that can cause anxiety and 
fears of being a fraud quite like drawing that blank and feeling like you can’t measure up to all the highlight reels in your feed...

Okay, ready for some good news?

Curating your own stand-out brand and business that encompasses your creative interests *and pays the bills* on Instagram isn't as mysterious as you thought.

- Build a business that encompasses alllllll the services and interests you're already gifted at.

- Make money with integrity & intention, using that to pay off debt, travel, and not be tied down by a job (think: being able to work from anywhere in the world—whether that’s your bed or Bali!)

- Enjoy reclaiming your time and your life, by setting up a system that keeps you from the constant what-to-post guesswork that currently has you clocking too much time staring at a screen.

- Know professional photography tricks, like how golden hour is the difference between a photo that makes you say, “Oh, some trees” and “Holy magical forest!”

And the idea that a strong Insta-game can be a means to a life & business you love isn’t a surprise to you. If you're reading this, you've already seen it's the gateway to knowing, liking, and trusting any brand, blog, or business.

But, maybe you didn't know that by stepping up your game on the small business gold that is this beloved, free little app, you'd also get to...

Yes, this is totally possible. 

- Answer with confidence that Instagram doesn't make you feel stressed or "not enough," because you've learned how to be content no matter what point you are at in your journey—you're growing in follower count, but that's not the end-all-be-all. You’re not here to be Insta-famous. You’re here to build a life you love. 

- Quickly pull exactly what you're going to post every day and know how it fits into your visual strategy & style, complete with scroll-stopping photos and engaging captions.

- Attract your homies (read: ideal followers) without letting battles with the almighty algorithm crash your brand party—because you know how to make it serve you.

In fact, I’m proof. It's been my not-so-secret (and also pretty much only) weapon I used to build an online community of over 1.2 million with 710k+ followers on Instagram alone. I wasn’t an overnight success, but when I started I’d never even touched a camera. Never styled a shoot. Never run a business. I didn’t even have any social media accounts! 

But I put one foot in front of the other. And now I want you to experience the same life-giving freedom that pursuing your dreams can provide for yourself & family (and your bank account).

Why? Because you know Instagram is a PROVEN tool for growing a vibrant, thriving creative business. 

All that could have been TL;DR
("too long, didn't read" for you non-internet folks) but you're still here.

Let's do this!

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I've tailored Influence to Income for big dreamers just like you (and just like I was!), so you can make a living (we're talking actual money in the bank) doing what you love with REAL direction & focus—starting with the one app you need to master as a creative business or blog.

This is what I tested & learned growing a following of more than 710K+. And now I'm showing how I did it.

I was sitting on my therapist's couch (yep, keepin’ it real real over here…), finally healthy after a decade long struggle to get my life together in my twenties (girl liked to party, what can I say!), and confessed to her that my real dream was to be a food & travel blogger. For a living. I'd noticed that some of the women I followed online seemed to be blogging & instagramming as their job—not just a hobby. I wanted that.

That very day, I started Local Milk, my food, travel, and lifestyle blog & instagram—the place it all started.

And I never once looked back. Or down for that matter!

As I showed up and put myself out there as the weird little introvert from Tennessee that I am, the brand grew and grew. And grew some more.

These are the same secrets I've used to make over a million in revenue a year, using Instagram as main (virtually only!) marketing tool. No paid followers. No bots. No follow/unfollow. It wasn't an accident—it was strategy.

over time, it hit me...

The only Instagram program that teaches multi-passionate creatives a step-by-step system to get started growing an authentic brand, all the way to monetizing off the app and making a profit—all in just 4 Modules.

I started using tactics and strategies to grow the brand and our profits. I taught myself everything—photography, editing, on-point styling, and social media marketing. I created REAL content and mind-blowing retreats, generating a business that did over a million in revenue this past year so I can live a slow, location independent lifestyle and do what I'm passionate about: empowering thousands of students to harness these tools to impact the world and turn their passion into profit. 

Not only that but I created a business and community that can sustain me when I need time off. In 2018 I took a four month leave, and my business (and bank account) didn’t skip a beat. So whether it’s maternity leave, a sabbatical, or one of life’s curve balls when you create a truly sustainable business, you don’t have to stay on the treadmill. You can take the time you need. 

And now? I teach thousands of creatives and dreamers just like you how to find freedom in a life-giving job and build a brand using one of the most powerful tools out there—Instagram.

This is possible for me. And if it's possible for me (of all people!), it's possible for you.


Beth Kirby


The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs


I get beauty, I get business, but most of all, I get being human. You don’t have to go this crazy journey alone—let’s do it together.

My food, lifestyle, and travel blog, Local Milk, has been featured from Bon Appetit to Saveur, and I'm honored to have worked with clients like Anthropologie, West Elm, KitchenAid, Krug Champagne, and so many more. Since I started my business, I’ve grown an organic following of over 710k+ on Instagram. No paid followers. No bots. No follow/unfollow. No humble brag. Just fact. It wasn’t an accident—it was strategy. 

But now? It's time to take what I've been teaching for years all around the world, and gather virtually around the table with you. That's what gets me up in the morning.

You have a purpose. You are needed. There was a time in my life where I desperately needed someone to tell me that and believe in me. And I want to do share what I've learned on this crazy, unconventional journey with you.

The bottom line? I 100% believe you can build a life you love and make money with your passion, too.

... and now's the time to hand over critical pieces of the Instagram puzzle to you.

Hi! I'm Beth—a writer, podcaster, cook, and photographer. Sometimes you’ll find me arranging peonies, listening to Francoise Hardy, and sipping matcha from a handmade ceramic cup in my Paris apartment ... other times, I’m rocking a messy mom bun in my linen bathrobe (grapefruit La Croix in hand, some Lady Gaga blasting in my headphones) analyzing business numbers & editing in my small hometown in Tennessee.  

I'm Beth Kirby.



Reclaiming your time, so you have the freedom to work for yourself from anywhere in the world ... precious hours that could be better spent strolling cobblestone streets, baking a pie, doing yoga, going on date nights, playing with your little one, or just plain sleeping in!

Feeling like everybody else owns your time.


Know your worth and how to see what you do as a "real" career, so you can nix worrying about what people think and craft a slow, thoughtful life that makes money. Cue clouds parting and the “Hallelujah” chorus. 

The "Is this really a job?" anxiety.


Getting over the fear of telling stories or hiding behind your sunglasses / cellphone / potted plant when you're shy. Hi, so I am, and I’ve still figured out how to put myself out there on the internet. Feel like you’re not good at words? We’ll tackle that, too.

Feeling comfy putting yourself out there.


It’s not for faking reality—editing is the other half of the art of photography that will give your feed personal style and make your photos pop. And you can do it with presets that will save you hours upon hours. I promise.

Taking and editing photos that are actually good!


Yes, it’s usually a taboo topic, especially in creative circles, but I think it’s important for ambitious creatives to understand how established entrepreneurs generate revenue, how long it takes to build a six-figure business, and the difference between revenue and profit.

Seeing how revenue actually comes in.


Because no two audiences are the same: some love cake. Some love selfies. Some love babies. Some love alpacas. Honing in on your audience and brand will be KEY to overcoming the algorithm.

The Almighty Algorithm

Influence to Income is like using a magical photo filter that eliminates the headache of ...

"I was floundering on Instagram and couldn’t find a clear direction with my brand. Influence to Income changed that for me."

"I now have a defined brand with colors and a particular photography style. My Instagram feed looks completely different! I loved the format of the courses with the videos and the print-outs. I have a binder with all of my print outs and notes that I reference often. I use the numerous tracking sheets included with the course to keep me on track.

I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to take themselves to the next level."


sound good?


Lesson 1 : Monetization 101: This lesson will show you the steps you need to take if you want to optimize and increase sales with your feed. This is how I've sold seats to our workshops for years, and can be a game-changer for your bank account. You’ll learn to attract clients, customers, and get the word out. 

Lesson 2 : Online Marketing Roadmap: Whether your goal is to become an influencer or to use Instagram to sell your products and service, you'll need to understand the big picture from Pinterest to SEO. This lesson will break it all down in a simple way to help you better understand how to reach your dream followers. 

Lesson 3 : List Building 101: The golden goose! As an entrepreneur the number one thing you need to be focusing on is turning your Instagram followers into your inner circle...a.k.a. Email subscribers! Because guess what? Our friend Mark Z. owns your followers, and that’s not a basket you want to put allllll your eggs in! IG is amazing (obviously), but it's means to an end, not end in and of itself. You should be growing it, and then using it to build your email list. I neglected this for FAR too long, and I don't want you to do the same! This is how to set up email automation, lead magnets, and more. 

Lesson 4: Selling With Heart: Because not all selling is created equal! If you are doing something you believe in then the selling to your ideal customers is a *service*! You'll learn what I call the "New ABC's of Selling", how to create a warm relationship with your followers so that they are excited to hear about your latest product or service, and how to NOT be sleezy doing it!

Lesson 5: Influencer Marketing: If your goal is to become an influencer or just secure brand deals to pay the bills as your main revenue source, we'll cover the kind of dream audience you need to build. I endorsed products for years, and learned a lot along the way from how to pitch, create a killer media kit, and negotiate. I’ll even give you my little black book of agencies! 

Bonus: Leadpages Tutorial: Now, let's talk about how to leverage the assets you've created during the program to get your freebies up and running with an automated funnel to your email list, so you curate an even MORE niche tribe of people raising their hand to buy from you. THAT's the golden ticket, right there!

Passion to Profit


Lesson 1 : Putting the social into social media: Here, we'll talk about liking, commenting, saving, etiquette, and do's and don'ts. (Hint: You'll also get my REAL thoughts on the whole business vs. personal account conundrum.)

Lesson 2 : The Growth Strategies That are Working Now (aka Beating the Algorithm)
: When should you post? How long after you post should you be present on your feed? How do you get that instant momentum? We don't know everything about how we works, and probably never will. In this lesson, you'll learn the strategies I use on my own feed to put the algorithm to work for me.

Lesson 3 : Being Extra - How to Use Stories, Live, and IGTV to Humanize Your Brand:  Establish that deep, instant connection with your audience to draw them in even closer with these strategies. I know, it can be scary. It also is an excellent way to stay at the top of people's minds. Grab from my swipe file of ideas of WHAT you can do or teach when you go live, and we'll also chat through how to encourage engagement in real time. 

Engagement & Growth


Lesson 1: Master the Content Strategy: Ahh...what to post about?! In this section, you'll choose the 1-5 topics you'll cover in your feed (less is more—I PROMISE!). You'll naturally transition into a multi-passionate brand as you grow your following, but at first, we'll see how starting niched down will motivate your followers into engagement! 

Lesson 2: How To Find a Feed Style that Converts - There's a VERY exact mood that's translated with the color story of your feed, the light, the tone, and the placement of images and pops of colors. In this lesson, we'll talk about how to mindfully set that up and edit in a consistent style with editing recipes (a.k.a. presets). My ability to create visual consistency no matter the subject is one of the most eye-catching signatures about my brand, and I'll show you how to create the same. I’ll also give you a cheat sheet to the “visual rules” of Instagram...and let you know when it’s okay to break them!

Lesson 3: Caption Writing Techniques to Boost the Conversation - When we share valuable information, real vulnerability, and discuss meaningful topics in our own voice, engagement soars. Here, you'll learn call-to-action techniques to get you OUT of salesy-sounding mode and into serving your tribe.

Lesson 4: Stylin' & Profilin':- Pencils out? Get ready to take serious notes. You'll learn the ways to vary angles you post and use negative space, what photos will crank up maximum engagement, and how to encourage that art-based feed look in your own work. With IG Stories, it's critical that you use that to tell your visual story as well, so we'll chat through what should be used there, too.

Storytelling & Style


Lesson 1: Lock In On Your "Why": Popular doesn't pay the bills—and I don't want you to worry about volume of followers. You'll learn the 1000 true fans theory: you'd only need 1K true fans and $100 worth of sales to them each year to bring in $100k, and how that should set your Instagram goals. You’ll learn how to begin at the end to make sure everything you do on Instagram is a step towards the life you want. 

Lesson 2: Ideas for Revenue Streams Made Easy: Let's talk about how to quickly think through and sort out the ideas of what you'll sell now OR in the future. Are you selling cookbooks? Photography services to magazines? Handmade objects? Sponsored content to companies? It can be a mix of revenue streams, and we'll home in on that to set you up with a basic business plan so that you are grammin’ with intent to thrive from day one. 

Lesson 3: How To Define (and find!) Your Tribe:  so you can determine the audience and customers that will eventually become your most happy, loyal customers. Because back, back, back it on up—before we get into color, style, and story, we need to talk through HOW those artistic decisions will speak to your ideal audience. We’ll bang that out before we transition into visual branding in this lesson.

Lesson 4: The Golden Rules For Handling Scroll Comparison: Um, hi. Has anyone NOT dealt with this? Bueller? Fighting comparison and the emotional toll that Instagram can seem like an inevitable beast. However, as you begin to market a business on Instagram, you'll learn how it's essential to your paycheck. After building an audience of thousands and walking through my own mental health struggles, I've formed a really healthy relationship with the app—and I want to share the secrets of that with you. 

The Intentional Instagram


is made up of...

20+ different worksheets, templates, guides, and printables.

Easy to follow lessons featuring over 15 in-depth video trainings and the step-by-step branding, storytelling, and IG mechanics that—until now—were only taught to my live retreat attendees at far flung destinations...that cost over $3000 to attend!

All the photography teachings, resources, and tools I use to create my brand.


PLUS, you also get instant access to...

How Creatives Like You Are Using Influence to Income to #livemoremagic

"At the start of the year, I was in a bit of a funk. I wasn’t really sure where I was going with my business, and my social media used to promote my work was all over the place. I started Influence to Income in January at just the right time.

I loved the idea of being intentional in your Instagram, so you’re not just scrolling and scrolling and worrying about the likes. The tips about getting higher quality pics and what to talk about in the captions have been invaluable."


"I wanted to write you to let you know how much this course has changed my business, and my life."

"Before taking this course, I was stuck doing something that I didn't love. I was in debt from starting my business, with no light at the end of the tunnel for how I was going to actually make money. After taking Beth's course, everything turned around, and much faster than I expected. The camera and Instagram tutorials were super helpful, but what really turned my business around was Beth helping me realize what my true passion was and lighting the fire for me to go out and do that thing.

I am on track to PROFIT $10K this year. I never in a million years thought that I would achieve this my second year into business, and I credit a big majority of that success to this course. Beth teaches people how to fish, and she definitely taught me. And her philosophy about the quality of followers, not quantity, has definitely been true in my case. Every client I have is a dream client. I am working with MY people, not just anyone who would pay me."


"I’ve stopped worrying about the likes and instead focus on actual engagement with my followers and potential clients, starting conversations and sharing how I can help them."

But, you may be a fit for Influence to Income if...

You're a multi-passionate creative misfit most days. Instagram is what lets this crazy cook-photographer-stylist-writer do what she loves for a living. And artists, creatives, and makers have just as much right to be financially independent and stable as the accountants, lawyers, and doctors of the world, and you're ready to take your seat at that table.

You're a “less is more” type person. C'mon, we're talking about Instagram—it's too easy to get sucked into the lie that more followers is more and that Insta-fame is e’rything, and I'm first to go to bat and tell you that's not true. If you're down to embrace a vision of digital minimalism, realizing that curating a brand on this app will mean making some shifts both on your feed and editing style, you'll make more and love life more.

You're okay growing slow. Heads up—there's NO way you're gonna grow to 710K+ overnight. I sure didn't, and the only way to do that now is with bots and sleazy tactics, which I don't teach. If you'd rather grow authenticity and reclaim a feed that you're proud of years from now, this is for you.

is it for everyone? definitely not. 

You're okay that you suck at some business stuff. My business "not" list? Bookkeeping and anything Wordpress or InDesign that doesn’t involve a template. You're one person, not 20 people. And that’s ok. However, I WANT you to grow as a photographer, stylist, and visual brand strategist for your business, so you can learn to love it as a creative outlet.

You've been curating your creative feed and watching analytics for a while, but it's time for the big gun secret weapons. From presets to getting those dope fonts on your stories—and most definitely to styling like a boss and getting followers into your email funnels—you're ready to uplevel a league (or two).

You're fresh into all this—and don't even know where to start. Hi! Step into my office (ahem, flour covered kitchen). The overwhelm and lack of direction tees up "where do I start today" to often, and you're ready to take your daydream to a full-time creative business. I got started on Instagram too, and I'll show you how I did it!

The Art of Visual Storytelling

There may be other platforms where you can get away with D-list photography and visuals. But your Instagram feed ... well .. it's just not one of them. And I’m one of the few who will be straight enough with you to tell you that. 

While the core curriculum DOES take you by the hand and show you everything beyond the photos, Instagram's always going to be a visual platform. There's something about the photos that has to be on point for your target audience.

That’s why I’m throwing in my ENTIRE signature, comprehensive photography, editing, and styling course...FOR FREE. 

value $1200

What’s in my camera bag and what tools I recommend

Photography 101 including how to use a DSLR camera—from camera settings made simple to the best lens and the best light. 

Editing A-Z. How to edit your photographs in Lightroom for a consistent, beautiful feed. This is the secret weapon for a killer Instagram!

Styling 101. Troubleshoot styling woes and learn how to create beautiful flat lays and still life images

Get insight on presets (how to use them and how to make your own!) during the post-production editing process.

PLUS, how about some bonuses? Join today and get not one but two advanced bonus resources!

you'll learn

bonus 01

Influence to Income Insiders

value $25 Per Month

bonus 02

A membership to our exclusive course community: Influence to Income Insiders where you will have the support of your peers and our wonderful community manager Amanda to help answer questions, keep you accountable, and cheer you on. 

The community is the perfect place to network, collaborate, and connect with like-minded creatives & entrepreneurs that are stepping up to make their dreams reality. 

You may already know that my bespoke L|M Retreats from the mountains of Japan to the pine-lined beaches of Sweden or French country châteaux outside of Paris—where I typically teach all this—start around $3,000. 

But I've packaged up these lessons outside of a live experience, and now, you have the chance to get your hands on them (with a cozy cup of something at home, no plane ticket required!)

So, what would it mean for you and your brand iF…

You didn't have to spend hours and hours with a messy bun basking in the glow of your computer screen watching YouTube to learn how to work a DSLR camera, only to STILL rely on a hope and a prayer that you can edit a photograph that makes your feed irresistible.

You could get clarity, grow your tribe without "selling out," and make a living doing what you love from a single, step-by-step program, in lieu of hopscotching around the internet with trainings and downloads that give you a single piece of the puzzle—leaving you without the direction and focus you need.

Okay, Beth. What does all this cost?

That opportunity is what I'm holding out to you.

(And I want that so.badly. for you!)

Your Instagram feed wasn't a separate, all-consuming marketing tool that intimidated the hell out of you, but a FULLY integrated creative business resource that gave you freedom and time to live your best life.

You could stop daydreaming about getting your creative journey off the ground ... stop talking about not having enough time ... and definitely stop worrying about the number of followers you have or don't have. Instead, you can confidently create something that feels so much deeper, doing it all from a place of mindfulness, intention, and joy.

the entire INFLUENCE to income 4-module FORMULA

And that's not even counting the residual effect the program will have long-term on your bank account—because it's all connected. What this program will teach you to refine & hone—your brand’s why, business plan, visual voice, and community—have a direct and lasting effect on the bottom line. 

But you have the opportunity to grab a seat inside Influence to Income for the special price of...

Now, I'm a nomadic cook & photographer devoted to slow living— the most math I do on a daily basis involves measuring cups. 

But when you add that all up, it's a value of over $5000.

With access to the downloadable videos, audio trainings, cheat sheets, and swipe files.

value Over $1700


The photography, editing, and prop styling course I’ve been teaching around the world for years where you'll get insight on styling, shooting, and editing a feed into a cohesive color story. This course includes video tutorials for editing photographs, styling photographs, and how to use a DSLR camera. And it’s included for FREE during this enrollment period only! 

value $1200

bonus #2 — Influence To Income Insiders

A membership to our exclusive community: Influence to Income Insiders where you will have the support of your peers and our community manager to help answer questions, keep you accountable, and cheer you on. The group is the perfect place to network, collaborate, and connect with like-minded creatives & entrepreneurs that are stepping up to make their dreams reality. 

bonus #2 — Influence To Income Insiders

bonus #2 — Influence To Income Insiders

When you grab your seat inside you'll get...

Join Influence to Income today.

bonus 2 | Influence To Income Insiders

value $25 per month

value Over $1000

Plus! Countless other surprise bonuses in each module from templates to planners.

Including Beth’s “Little Black Book” of Influencer agencies, The Content Marketing Road Map (a guide to sharing your content online to generate clients and customers), swipe files, planners, and more. 

Let's do this!

One Payment for me!

I'm in!

hook me up with the payment plan!

Let's do this!

take me to full pay!

Sign me up, now!




Get me started for

1 payment of 

If you're on the fence I get it.


And I want to share that passion with you. Because it’s what lets crazy cook-photographer-stylist-writer multi-passionate creative weirdos like me (and you!) do what they love for a living. I'm so confident that these teachings work—and while, sure, they worked for me, I have dozens of retreat students' stories of success that's shown me this blueprint works for building a beautiful, profitable business.

So, I'm giving you a full 60 days to get into the training, do the assignments as you go, and plug in the required assignments as detailed here. If you reach out in 60 days with all that as proof, and we're seeing zero needle shift in your brand, I'm happy to pay you back your full investment.

read more about the terms & conditions policy here

But yes—you read that right. You do have to do the work ... this isn't some hop in, swipe the system, and peace out situation. We've got to make good on that last point: we really will hold you to a standard of doing the work through Module 4, not only because we know this blueprint will grow your brand, but because we aim for integrity and want to be fair to all of our students who work so hard.

I've realized over time that I had to get down to business to figure out what was amiss and how to fix it, and that is how I feel excited about life, my job, the future. No more anxious, depressed overwhelm. I want the same for you, so I'm okay being a tough cookie to hold you accountable to your dreams!

I've got an A for your Q ...



Whether you’ve had your blog since before it was cool to SAY you have a blog (Live Journal, anyone?) or you’re still day dreaming, you’re just fine and right on track in the Influence to Income community. In fact, we’ve had tons of students without it all planned out yet use these teaching to build their foundation and figure it out! 

UM, i'M TIME STRAPPED AS IT IS. how will i even get through this?

I didn’t build Influence to Income to be a huge, bulky system—instead, I packed the learnings from our 3-day retreats that women have learned and implemented right away into this 4-week program. My goal? It’s for you to get OUT of Influence to Income, so you can start pursuing your biggest dreams and getting those paychecks. I’d estimate you need 2-5 hours a week for 5 weeks to knock it all out including the bonus material. 

how long do i have access?

This is for life, yo. You’ll be able to download the course material, so you’ll have the capability to reference Influence to Income files, videos, templates, and resources 4lyfe. And you will be grandfathered in to all future updates of the program if we do them! I’m committed to showing up for you guys and updating curriculum as the world changes, and I’m here to make sure this investment pays off for as long as you want to have a business and market it visually on Instagram. 

can i sign up anytime?

This complete program is only available during this enrollment period, so if you’re a fan of a solid deal (I know I am!), you’ll get the most bang for your buck right now—all of the included material will not be offered at this low price again.

i have more questions. how can i get in touch?

We’d love to talk to you! I believe you have to invest money to make money, but I believe in doing that wisely. 

Drop us a line at We’re right here standing by to make sure you’re able to make the smartest decision for where you are right now.

i literally suck at photography. how can i do this?

Inside the course you’ll find the digital photography, Lightroom editing, and styling course I’ve been teaching for 5 years all around the world to hundreds of creatives, The Art of Visual Storytelling. In that bonus module I will be right there with you in video, audio, and written lessons to guide you through styling photographs, using a DSLR camera to take those photos, and the secrets to editing them in Lightroom desktop or mobile to create a style that pops and stands out on Instagram. And spoiler alert...if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend ANY time on photography, we’ll teach you how to effectively outsource it altogether! 


Is this live? When will I get the course? What if I can't start for a long time? 

This isn’t live—it’s designed to work with and around your schedule and at your own pace. When you sign up you’ll have instant access to the ENTIRE Influence to Income 4-module program AND you’ll have instant access to The Art of Visual Storytelling (that’s all my photography, editing, and styling teachings!). You can work the course in bite-size manageable pieces or save them for later to work when you have the time! (Lifetime access!)

So if you know this is right for you, but you won’t be able to start for a month or two, you can get it now so you don’t miss enrollment or this special price and work it when the time is right for you. 

I already have a few thousand Instagram followers—is this for me?

Absolutely! Even with over 710K followers, these are still the systems and strategies I use to continue to put out great content and make sure that my social media is serving my tribe and my business. If you’ve already achieved some success on instagram this can help take you to the next level. 

Beth, I don't think I can tell stories—I'm not good with words!

You don’t need to be a writer to connect on Instagram. In the course I’ll walk you through hacks and tips to write captions and engaging copy that just sounds like “you”. You’ll learn to write in your authentic, conversational voice so that Instagram becomes less high school essay anxiety and more cozy-fireside-chat with a friend. 

If you've made it all the way down here, know this from my heart to yours: if it was possible for me, a drop-out with a messy, winding story and ditched philosophy college degree (RIP), it's possible for you.

I don’t believe in overnight success. 

You've scrolled through your feed dozens of times on your phone.

You see that there ARE other people out there making money doing what they love. 

They're making their dreams a reality, living location independent lives with a reliable income and margin to gather, wander, and create.

They practice the art of slow living.

But I do believe that hard work, time, and the right tools equal success.

I can’t do the work for you, but I can give you the tools in my toolbox and let you know down to the detail what habits, beliefs, and actions have led me to where I am today—happy, thriving, in a place a rest, and making six-figures a year for my family. In profit. After taxes.

It's not a fairytale. There's no shortcut. But looking back, I want to do everything I can to shave time off your learning curve. I can’t wait to see you inside. This is YOUR time.

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"I have been following the Local Milk blog for years and always wanted to join one of Beth's retreats, however there was never an opportunity, so when I she launched her digital online course "Influence to Income" I was so excited and signed up immediately after her live webinar!

I love how Beth provides creative insights and encouragement for how you can create a thriving business using Instagram as an important tool, while growing an email list that will connect you to your potential clients. 

The course helped shaped my vision for my current business, and has made me confident that I can create a location-independent business that allows me to travel more which I've dreamt about for years!"



"Now knowing how good it is, I would have paid thousands to do it! When I launch my own online course I will be using her attention to detail and course structure in my own, so that people like me can walk away and say WOW, I got so much out of this!"

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