The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

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The only Instagram program that teaches multi-passionate creatives a step-by-step system to get started growing an authentic brand, all the way to monetizing off the app and making a profit—all in just 4 weeks.

What exactly is Influence to Income?

I've tailored Influence to Income for big dreamers just like you (and just like I was!), so you can make a living (we're talking actual money in the bank) doing what you love with REAL direction & focus—starting with the one app you need to master as a creative business or blog.

This is what I tested & learned growing a following of more than 730K+. And now? 

I'm showing how I did it.


These are the same secrets I've used to make over half a million in revenue a year, 3 years and counting, using Instagram as my main (virtually only!) marketing tool. 

Reclaiming your time, so you have the freedom to work for yourself from anywhere in the world ... precious hours that could be better spent strolling cobblestone streets, baking a pie, doing yoga, going on date nights, playing with your little one, or just plain sleeping in!

Feeling like everybody else owns your time.

Know your worth and how to see what you do as a "real" career, so you can nix worrying about what people think and craft a slow, thoughtful life that makes money. Cue clouds parting and the “Hallelujah” chorus. 

The "Is this really a job?" anxiety.

Getting over the fear of telling stories or hiding behind your sunglasses / cellphone / potted plant when you're shy. Hi, so I am, and I’ve still figured out how to put myself out there on the internet. Feel like you’re not good at words? We’ll tackle that, too.

Feeling comfy putting yourself out there.

It’s not for faking reality—editing is the other half of the art of photography that will give your feed personal style and make your photos pop. And you can do it with presets that will save you hours upon hours. I promise.

Taking and editing photos that are actually good!

Yes, it’s usually a taboo topic, especially in creative circles, but I think it’s important for ambitious creatives to understand how established entrepreneurs generate revenue, how long it takes to build a six-figure business, and the difference between revenue and profit.

Seeing how revenue actually comes in.

Because no two audiences are the same: some love cake. Some love selfies. Some love babies. Some love alpacas. Honing in on your audience and brand will be KEY to overcoming the algorithm.

The Almighty Algorithm

Influence to Income is like using a magical photo filter that eliminates the headache of...

I get beauty, I get business, but most of all, I get being human. You don’t have to go this crazy journey alone—let’s do it together.

My food, lifestyle, and travel blog, Local Milk, has been featured from Bon Appetit to Saveur, and I'm honored to have worked with clients like Anthropologie, West Elm, KitchenAid, Krug Champagne, and so many more. Since I started my business, I’ve grown an organic following of over 730k+ on Instagram. No paid followers. No bots. No follow/unfollow. No humble brag. Just fact. It wasn’t an accident—it was strategy. 

But now? It's time to take what I've been teaching for years all around the world, and gather virtually around the table with you. That's what gets me up in the morning.

You have a purpose. You are needed. There was a time in my life where I desperately needed someone to tell me that and believe in me. And I want to do share what I've learned on this crazy, unconventional journey with you.

The bottom line? I 100% believe you can build a life you love and make money with your passion, too.

Hi! I'm Beth—a writer, podcaster, cook, and photographer. Sometimes you’ll find me arranging peonies, listening to Francoise Hardy, and sipping matcha from a handmade ceramic cup in my Paris apartment ... other times, I’m rocking a messy mom bun in my linen bathrobe (grapefruit La Croix in hand, T.Swift or some Lady Gaga blasting in my headphones) analyzing business numbers & editing in my small hometown in Tennessee.  

I'm Beth Kirby.


"What a hoot! I feel like I just hired my new office staff signing up for this. A HUGE feeling of support right now! Love your energy and output Beth and am honored you are extending your experiences and knowledge en masse! I love my work and I keep cruising along year after year doing great projects but don’t have a direction in mind. 

So I’m here to create my niche, WAAAAAY improve my IG and social media accounts and website. I’m looking forward to gaining some efficiency in my work and adopting the slow living philosophy."


 I'm so excited to be a part of this community and learn from Beth’s genius! When my daughter was born, I decided not to work a million hours and never see her, but to allow my dream of savoring life and family and painting high quality portraits that help people celebrate loved ones for a lifetime.

"I honestly was a bit lost before studying with Beth! Somehow, in two days, she not only helped me get focused in my direction but taught me everything from photography to styling to Lightroom. Before taking Beth's workshop, I had not used a camera with manual speed since the 90s ... let alone a digital camera on manual ever in my life. Beth taught me everything I know about a digital camera and took time to make sure that I truly understood all the topics in my workshop. Beth is a wonderful guide and teacher. She has a natural eye for beauty, capturing it as well as being able to deliver the material in a way that was easy to understand. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to improve themselves and their business in any of these subjects. She is a magician in her work and through her guidance, I have improved in my career!

-danielle flowers, Mama Flowers

"Goodness! I am so so excited to be here. I love Beth and everything she does. This course was a no brainer."