Whether you have a following that's chomping at the bit to buy your products & services, or if you're a total newbie to the whole biz thing, you still need a plan to get your sales off the ground and not go broke in the process, ammirite?

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You may be selling the coolest book, class, retreat, self-care thingamajig that anyone's ever come up with ever, but unless you know what you need to charge for it to cover your business and personal costs (and maybe even make a profit!) your success will be short-lived! I'll guide you through in's and out's of determining what you need to charge in order to watch your business GROW!

How to keep your boat afloat once you launch.


Getting the big idea often feels like the easy part. What comes next can feel like uncharted territory! I will help you break down step-by-step everything it's going to take to get your product or service ready to sell. 

Figure out how to make it real, yo! 


I'll walk you through my strategy for figuring out what you care about most that other people actually NEED! We'll take what you're good at, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and come up with how all that fits into what you believe the world is missing.

What you can offer the world (that the world will want)!


You'll feel totally confident about...

What product or service you can offer the world that gets you jazzed to your core!

Knowing exactly what it's going to cost to turn your big idea into something real and ready to sell.

How much you need to charge your customers for what you do or make in order to watch your business thrive!


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A Note From Beth

I don’t believe in overnight success. But I do believe that hard work, time, and the right tools equal success. I can’t do the work for you, but I can give you the tools in my toolbox and let you know down to the detail what habits, beliefs, and actions have led me to where I am today—happy, thriving, in a place of rest, and making six-figures a year. In profit. After taxes!