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Presets are “filters” created by photographers for Adobe Lightroom. A preset is a lot of different actions — like adjusting colors, exposure, white balance, and saturation — all saved into one action, called a “preset”. The benefit of presets is they are much, much quicker than manually editing every photo, they create consistency in your photos, and anyone can use them—whether you’ve ever edited a photograph or not! 

In order to make presets work on a variety of photographs we have included an “Editing with Presets” tutorial video with purchase so users can get the most out of them! 

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1. What’s a “preset”? 

It’s a suite of digital photography editing programs that photographers use as their “digital darkroom” to “develop” unprocessed photographs. There are three versions of Adobe Lightroom. It can get a little confusing! 

Two are for desktop: Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC, and one is for mobile: Lightroom CC Mobile. Classic is, as the name implies, the “classic” desktop editing program and the one most photographers, myself included, still use to edit their photographs. Classic does not automatically sync with the cloud or Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom CC is the desktop version of the mobile app and is a “cloud based photo editing” program. It has a more minimal interface than Classic, and it’s a less powerful program, though the editing tools are largely the same. Lightroom CC (not Classic) automatically syncs your photographs and presets with the Lightroom Mobile app if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. 

Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC both have to be purchased through Adobe, but the Lightroom Mobile app is free though can be upgraded to unlock more advanced tools and features, which I think is highly worth it! Even if you are just using the free version of the mobile app, you’ll need to create a free account in order to use it. 

2. What is Adobe Lightroom? 

If you are purchasing the MOBILE presets, you will need the free or paid version of the Lightroom CC Mobile app, a iPhone or Android that can run the app, and the free Dropbox app to download them onto your phone. 

If you are purchasing the Mobile + Desktop presets, you will need any version of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw and a computer that can run the programs to use them on desktop and you will need an Android or iPhone with Lightroom Mobile installed. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you will not need Dropbox to install your mobile presets as this can be done easily and quickly through Lightroom CC on your desktop for Creative Cloud subscribers. If you would like to install them directly on your phone you will also need the free Dropbox app, though I highly recommend installing them on desktop as it’s much simpler, easier, and quicker.

3. What do I need in order to use your presets?

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and would like to be able to edit your photos on both your computer and your phone using these presets, the Desktop + Mobile would be best for you to take your photography to the next level. If you do not have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, but have any other version of Adobe Lightroom on your computer or Photoshop Camera Raw you can use the Preset folder for Lightroom v7.2 and earlier on your desktop. If you would like to be able to use the presets on the free version of the Lightroom Mobile app without having to make any purchases, the Mobile version would be best for you to quickly and easily step up your Instagram game. 

4. Which is best for me? Mobile Presets or Desktop + Mobile Presets? 

The difference is to use the mobile presets all you need is the free app and a phone. In order to use the desktop presets you’ll need to get an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that includes Lightroom, or have any other version of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop with Camera Raw installed on your desktop. Adobe Creative Cloud plans start at just around $10 a month. The set-up and installation to get the presets on desktop and mobile is easier if you have a CC subscription, but it’s pretty simple for the free version too! The desktop presets are more powerful and flexible, but they apply the same effects. 

5. What is the difference between mobile presets and desktop presets?

No. These presets are designed for natural light photography with the exception of the “Nightlight” preset which is designed to cool off indoor lighting at night time. They’re not designed, other than that one, to work with artificial, indoor lights though they would work with studio lighting that simulates natural light. 

Because there are SO many variables in determining the coloring, tones, and light of each individual photos like the geographic location, time of day and year, camera, settings, lens, lighting, file type (RAW vs JPEG), and the subject (what it is you are shooting), presets will usually require tweaking to fit each unique situation. Even I tweak and adjust when using my own presets. In order to get the most out of your presets you will likely need to adjust the White Balance and Exposure sliders after applying the preset to get your desired look. Please watch the “Editing with Presets” tutorial video included with your purchase to get the most out of them! 

6. Will these presets work on every photo in every situation?

Some of these presets are the exact presets I use to create my Instagram feed, and some of the others are designed to create other popular instagram styles from moody & rustic to warm & bright so this pack can work for you even if you want to achieve a style different from mine. Whatever your favorite IG feed is, there’s a preset in here that will help you get the look! That said, I hope you’ll use these as a jumping off point to develop your own, unique style! 

7. Will these presets make my photos look exactly like yours?

A RAW file is a high quality, unprocessed file and will yield the best editing results. A JPEG is a compressed file with less information in it which makes editing without destroying the photo a bit harder. The Mobile Presets are designed for JPEG on a mobile device. The Desktop + Mobile version is designed to both edit RAW and JPEG on Desktop and Mobile. Whenever you have the choice, for best results work with RAW.  

8. What is the difference between a RAW photo and a JPG photo?

All sales are final due to the digital nature of the product and the impossibility of return. 

9. Do you offer refunds?

After Purchase FAQ

Once you place your order, you’ll receive 3 e-mails: an order confirmation, a second email with the zipped presets files, the installation PDF, installation video, and “Editing with Presets” tutorial video, and a final email with preset specific instructions.

If you received the confirmation email, but not the emails with the order, please be patient. It can take up to 20-30 minutes. If you still haven’t received it, it means the shop can’t process your payment right away. Please check with your bank & email us at

If you haven’t got the confirmation email, it means you must have misspelled your email address. Please email us at with a full name & email you want to use & we will look up your order and send the files to the correct address.

1. Where are my presets? 

For mobile you can either use the link you’ll receive after purchase to directly download them to your phone OR you can unzip them on your desktop and Airdrop / Dropbox / Bluetooth them to your phone. 

For desktop presets simply double click the .zip file to unzip it, and then follow the instructions in the video or PDF to install. 

2. How do I open the files? 

In the zip file you received via email after purchasing there is an installation PDF and video. They will walk you through the process that applies to your presets! 

3.HELP! How do I install them on my phone / desktop? 

Please watch the “Editing With Presets” tutorial video included with your purchase! 

4. XYZ color look weird after using Preset X! How do I fix it? 

Please watch the “Editing With Presets” tutorial video included with your purchase!

5. The light went all wonky after applying the preset! How do I fix it? 

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